Spring swell on Superior

The winds were howling from the northeast on Saturday, May 18. Stefan and I made the drive up the shore early, hoping to find a spot that wasn’t blown out - but prepared to wait until Sunday for the swell to organize. As it turned out, the wave train hadn’t arrived and some of us stayed the night at the cheapest motel available on Highway 61, whose nocturnal guests’ overactive salivary glands caused us to affectionately coin this “The Loogie Motel”.

The winds grew even stronger overnight and didn’t seem to be letting up, so we headed further north to a spot that offered a bit of protection. This slopey left was working perfectly and everybody was all smiles, despite the freezing rain gradually turning into snow - in May. Only in Minnesota…

Winter in Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Winter in Minnesota didn’t seem to have an end in sight and that familiar stir-crazy feeling was setting in, so a short escape was appealing. While Canada may not be the typical winter escape for Minnesotans, I’m not sure I’ve seen a more beautiful place than Vancouver Island. The forecast called for constant rain, but when we arrived there was nothing but clear skies, moderate temperatures, and beautiful sunsets every day.

Ice-out on Lake Superior

Ice-out finally happened at one of the more consistent surf spots on Lake Superior while some light but favorable winds created waves just big enough to goof around and have a little fun on. So long as you kept an eye on the remnant ice chunks floating around the line-up you might not get pelted.